fees and application

The following monthly rates are applicable to all families (rates in CHF). There are no rate reductions. Fees include childcare, food, drinks, diapers, and art and craft supplies. 50 CHF in cash will be charged for definitive registration on the waiting list. This money will be used for personal equipment for your child for example: tooth brush, blanket etc. One monthly fee will be charged as a deposit to sign the child care contract. The deposit will be payed back after orderly termination.

Number of Days Whole Day Half Day Morning Half Day Afternoon
1 day per week 500 CHF 320 CHF 240 CHF
2 days per week 1000 CHF 640 CHF
480 CHF
3 days per week 1500 CHF 960 CHF
720 CHF
4 days per week 2000 CHF 1280 CHF
960 CHF
5 days per week 2500 CHF 1600 CHF
1200 CHF

Monthly fees include all sick days, public holidays, annual closing-time, and family vacation time - these are paid days. Additional days in the daycare will be added to the monthly bill per daily rate (150 CHF per extra day). Fees are based on booked days - not attendance. Payment is due one month in advance and the payment period will be noted on the bill. If the bill is not paid within that period of time, a reminder will be sent.

We accept only written and signed notice of the contract termination by compliance 2 months period of cancellation at the end of the month. Contracts can not be canceled in the middle of a month.