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At Teddy’s House Playschool, we celebrate the joy of being and learning!

Founded in 1998 by Agnieszka Sadek-Górniak, Teddy’s House is the first Swiss-licensed bilingual nursery school in Kilchberg.

Our Mission

“Our primary goal is to create a safe and joyful environment, where children can embark on a journey of physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development at their own pace.

With an emphasis on a bilingual (English/Swiss German) curriculum, we provide nurturing care that recognizes each child as a unique individual, fostering self-esteem and respect for others. Our engaging program is thoughtfully structured to instill age-appropriate skills in a nurturing environment. By incorporating captivating themes throughout the year, along with daily crafts, music, storytelling, and interactive circle time, we not only enhance language fluency but also lay a solid foundation for their future kindergarten journey.

In addition to our core program, we offer German and English classes as well as kids’ yoga.”

Word from the owner

“I have always been a firm believer in the profound impact of a child’s first experiences at a nursery school. These early moments lay the foundations for their future education. In my opinion, the nursery phase should be a wonderful combination of learning and play, in a stimulating and loving environment. During this time, children develop essential skills through productive play and discovery in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.

Our approach, combined with high expectations, nurtures and develops a genuine curiosity and love for learning. At Teddy`s House we value our partnership with parents, working closely together to provide the best possible care, education and support for their children. Together, we strive to make our nursery school not only a place of learning, but also a truly happy space for everyone who is a part of it.”

Explore Teddy’s House

Explore Teddy’s House: Feel free to explore our website to catch a glimpse of the vibrant learning environment and the engaging activities that Teddy’s House Playschool has to offer.

Join us at Teddy’s House Playschool, where learning is an adventure filled with joy and discovery!

Please feel free to contact us at any time! We look forward to hearing from you!!!

may marxmay marx
21:18 13 Feb 24
Our child started at Teddy’s House when he was 1 year old, and our experience was exceptional! The staff treated him like family, providing attentive care and personalized attention. Communication with parents was excellent, the food was fresh and delicious, and the activities were fun, igniting our child's curiosity. We highly recommend it to any parents seeking quality and warm childcare.Thank you Teddy’s House!
Brandon CohenBrandon Cohen
12:22 25 Oct 23
The following review is based on 8 kid years (2 children for 4 years each) at Teddy's House.TL;DR: Our kids thrived at Teddy's. They were healthy, happy, and really enjoyed their experience.Longer version:Here are a couple of really relevant points for us:1. The owner. This is a small business and not a chain. The owner loves children which you can tell from her daily interactions. She has been doing it for 30 years and she is very hands on, knowledgeable, and caring.2. The team: High quality teachers with a lot of diversity and little turn over.3. Meals: The lunch food is fresh and healthy. Everything is homemade onsite. We were also impressed about the variety and how our kids would eat things at Teddy's they never did (or would) at home such as tofu, chickpeas, etc. (Don't worry, they also serve meat). Very happy - they go way beyond the minimum....They also serve breakfast until 8:30 am.A couple of other things to know:-There are two groups, the Panda and the Koalas. One is more German speaking and one is more English speaking (ours were in the German) but the reality is that both groups get a bit exposed to both languages.-The other children were also really diverse. Lots of different nationalities and a lot of times with two parents from different places. Most live in Kilchberg but not all. There are also fully Swiss kids but if you want complete Swissness, this may not be the best place for you).-Hard stop pick up at 18:00. (If you need later times, this may not be the best place for you).-The outside area (onsite playground) is not that big compared to others but we found it completely fine for children that young. They also do a lot of walks and adventures around town/the lake/chocolate factory.-Some Krippe's separate the children by age but at Teddy's they are mixed. We found this worked really well as when our girls were the little ones, the older ones looked after them and then it switched and they became the "big kids" who knew what to do and the routines.-There was a yearly professional "performance review" for the kids with the partents (the quotes are mine, not theirs). Seriously though, there is no rating but there is a formal and very structured yearly 45 minute conversation where you go over all the details about your kids - things like language skills, motor skills, eating habits, napping, social/getting along with others, etc. It was probably more detailed and thorough than a lot of parent's reviews they get for work. We worked together for a good plan to get the kids out of napping during the day as one example when the time was right.Our family had a great experience there.
Helen MooreHelen Moore
20:37 21 Jul 23
Teddy’s house is a wonderful place! The staff are so friendly and kind. My son was so happy to go there every morning. The activities are varied and structured. There are often small trips organised and the children go outside everyday for walks and in the garden. The food is all homemade, healthy and varied. I highly recommend Teddys house!
Bartosz ostrowskiBartosz ostrowski
10:38 30 Jun 23
Nassos MyrNassos Myr
11:32 02 Jun 23
Highly recommended. Our two kids both happy to go there. German and English... so bilingual!!! The team is very competent and friendly. The atmosphere is like a family.
Daniel WebbbDaniel Webbb
10:00 22 Jul 22
Teddy’s House is the best playschool in the whole of Zürich. We’ve had two kids go through and they woke up every morning excited to go and came back every evening having had the best day. Run by Aga and her amazing team, Teddy’s child care provides the perfect blend of fun, learning and language skills. The team goes above and beyond and I knew my kids were in the best hands. I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Highly recommended.