Educational Principles

Educational Principles

At Teddy`s House Playschool we are guided by a profound philosophy that places great importance on respecting each child`s unique developmental journey. Central to our approach is the recognition and celebration of individual developmental patterns and schedules, as well as distinct personality traits, learning styles, interests, cultural influences, logical reasoning and family backgrounds.

Refined Curriculum Goals:

At Teddy`s House Playschool our curriculum is intricately designed based on the esteemed Waldorf method, known for its unique approach to early childhood education. Rooted in a philosophy that values imaginative play, artistic expression, musical exploration, storytelling, authentic handwork and an appreciation for the natural rhythm of the seasons and life, our curriculum aims to nurture the child as a whole.

1.Social Skills

Our objective: Cultivate social skills through play and self-discovery.

Our approach: Encourage sharing, role-playing, and discussions about personal experiences. Promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of diverse cultures and traditions within the group. Create opportunities for self-initiated play with simple play materials as the essential activity for young children.

2. Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Our objective: Develop motor skills through play, gymnastics, joga and crafts.

Our approach: Tailor activities to each child’s developmental level. Provide indoor and outdoor play equipment to meet diverse needs, which allows children to progress in mastering skills gradually. Engage in artistic activities such as storytelling, music, drawing and painting, rhythmic games, and modeling that foster the healthy development of imagination and creativity.

3. Language Fluency

Our objective: Foster fluency in both Swiss-German and English.

Our approach: Create a bilingual environment for language enhancement through play and themed activities. Introduce new topics to expand vocabulary, incorporating various language development activities like songs, rhymes, and reading aloud. Provide daily conversations in both Swiss-German and English for an immersive language experience. Offer a unique program featuring German and English language classes specifically for children aged 2 and above, thus ensuring a comprehensive language development experience.

4. Expanding Knowledge through Exploring Themes:

Our objective: Deepen understanding of the world through daily themes.

Our approach: Structure our daily schedule around themes by covering diverse subjects such as the four seasons, special events, and children’s interests (e.g., animals, transportation), to ensure a rich and engaging learning experience. Focus on real rather than virtual experiences to support the child in forming a healthy relationship to the world.

5. Communication and Collaboration

Our objective: Prioritize the welfare of each child through effective communication.

Our approach: Facilitate daily communication with parents to exchange experiences and track the child’s progress. Work with them to set achievable goals specific for each child and integrate them smoothly into the daily programme.

At  Teddy`s House Playschool, the well-being and development of your child are our utmost priorities. Our curriculum is designed to create a nurturing and stimulating environment, and we look forward to partnering with you in your child’s educational journey. We welcome and value your feedback to ensure a collaborative and supportive learning environment and your thoughts, objections, and suggestions are always encouraged and appreciated.

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