At Teddy’s House Playschool, our carefully selected and dedicated team forms the bedrock of your child’s developmental journey. With passion, empathy, and a collective commitment, our stable team creates a nurturing environment where your child can flourish. Meet the faces that make Teddy’s House a second home for your little ones.


Meet Aga, the heart and soul of Teddy’s House Playschool! As the owner and founder of the business, Aga brings a visionary and out-of-the-box spirit to our nursery. With over 25 years of experience, she possesses a wealth of knowledge in childcare. Energetic, always smiling, and incredibly empathetic, Aga leads with dedication and passion. Her supportive nature extends not only to our team but also to every little one in our care. Aga’s commitment and vision have shaped Teddy’s House into a warm and vibrant community. We are grateful for her leadership and the positive impact she brings to our Teddy’s family every day.


Meet Valentina, our exceptional team leader and nursery teacher at Teddy’s House. With her extensive experience and nurturing approach, Valentina plays a crucial role in guiding our team and creating a positive learning environment for your little ones. Her passion for early childhood education reflects in the joyous atmosphere she fosters.Valentina also takes on the responsibility of educating our apprentices to become nursery teachers, ensuring that the next generation of caregivers follows our high standards of care and education. We’re fortunate to have Valentina leading our team and shaping the growth and development of the children in our care.


Meet Ranya, a heartwarming success story at Teddy’s House. Having once been a cherished child in our care, Ranya has now grown into one of our dedicated nursery teachers and a fantastic group leader. Her personal connection with Teddy’s, coupled with her passion for early childhood education, brings a unique touch to our team. Ranya is committed to creating a nurturing and engaging environment, just as she experienced it as a child. Ranya is more than just an educator; she embodies positivity, humor, empathy, and organizational skills. Her vibrant and fun-loving personality creates an atmosphere where children feel supported, valued, and encouraged to explore. We’re proud to have her contribute to the wonderful journey of the new generation at Teddy’s!


Shaya, our wonderful teacher and group leader, enriches our learning environment with her extensive experience and nurturing demeanor. Starting as an apprentice, her journey reflects dedication and personal growth. Shaya’s dedication to cultivating a positive atmosphere ensures that each day is filled with joy for our little ones. We’re fortunate to have Shaya shaping the warm and inviting atmosphere at Teddy’s House. As a mother, Shaya brings invaluable insight and empathy to her role, drawing from her own parental experiences to offer even greater care and support to our children.


Say hello to Ayana, our wonderful group leader at Teddy’s House! As a native English speaker, Ayana brings a bright and cheerful atmosphere to our learning environment. Always wearing a smile, she leads with warmth and enthusiasm, creating a space where joy and education go hand in hand. Ayana’s positive energy and language proficiency make her a valuable asset to our Teddy’s family. We’re fortunate to have her guiding our little ones on their exciting journey of discovery and growth. Plus, every Tuesday afternoon, she runs English classes in our nursery.


Meet Borys, our dedicated teaching assistant at Teddy’s House. With a wealth of experience and a passion for nurturing young minds, Borys has been an integral part of our team for a significant period. Currently pursuing his studies in biology at the University of Zurich, he brings a unique perspective to the learning environment. Borys is committed to creating a positive and engaging atmosphere, fostering the growth and development of every child under his care. We’re fortunate to have such a caring and knowledgeable presence at Teddy’s! In addition, he teaches engaging German lessons to our children every Thursday afternoon.


Say hello to Karolina, our culinary maestro at Teddy’s House! As our fantastic nursery cook, Kaolina brings a blend of passion and expertise to the kitchen. With a keen understanding of nutrition and a dash of creativity, she crafts delicious and wholesome meals for our little ones. Kaolina’s dedication to providing nutritious delights contributes to the overall well-being and happiness of our Teddy’s family. We’re grateful to have her talents infusing joy into every mealtime.

Karolina, with her years of experience in our nursery, demonstrates exceptional care and consideration. Her conscientious approach extends to always paying attention to the allergies of both the children and the team. Karolina consistently prepares separate dishes, ensuring everyone enjoys meals tailored to their specific needs.

Karolina also has a wonderful connection with the children and sometimes helps us with childcare.


Meet Charlene, our vibrant apprentice at Teddy’s House! With a passion for yoga, an infectious laugh, and a love for good food, Charlene brings a dynamic energy to our team. As she embarks on her learning journey, Charlene’s enthusiasm and positive spirit add a delightful touch to the daily experiences of our little ones. We’re excited to see her grow and contribute to the warm atmosphere at Teddy’s! Additionally, she runs kids’ yoga classes every Wednesday afternoon.


Let’s extend a warm welcome to Ilma, our enthusiastic teaching assistant at Teddy’s House. Fresh from completing her bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Zurich, Ilma brings a passion for language and a love for working with children to our team. Her dedication and positive energy contribute to the vibrant learning environment at Teddy’s. We’re thrilled to have Ilma on board, enhancing the educational journey for each child with her unique skills and enthusiasm.


Say hello to Gabriela, the dynamo in our team at Teddy’s House! A very active, loud, and positively spirited person, Gabriela infuses boundless energy into our learning environment. Her enthusiasm is contagious, creating an atmosphere of joy and excitement. Gabriela’s vibrant personality, coupled with her beautiful voice and love for singing, adds a special spark to each day, making Teddy’s House an even brighter place for our little ones. We’re thrilled to have her passion and positivity in our Teddy’s family!


Meet Aishia, the tranquil presence in our team at Teddy’s House! As an apprentice, Aishia brings a very calm and positive spirit to our nurturing environment. Her serene demeanor and optimistic outlook create a sense of peace and encouragement for both our team and the little ones under our care. Aishia’s dedication to learning and her gentle energy make her a wonderful addition to our Teddy’s family. We look forward to supporting Aishia on her apprentice journey.